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What to Expect From Us
Exceptional Service, Meaningful Advice

We value long term relationships with our clients. We aim to provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations. As a minimum we offer you:


Personalised Service


  • We understand our clients' needs (financial, personal and business)

  • We want to be your financial concierge, the first point of contact for all your financial needs

  • We are accessible and know your financial situation and how this fits in to your ideal life and goals

  • We are trustworthy, embrace honesty, objectivity, integrity and confidentiality

  • Our clients are our most important asset and we will act in your best interests at all times

  • Because we understand you, we have the ability to choose financial solutions that appropriately meet your needs


Excellent Strategic and Product Knowledge


  • Our strategic knowledge is award winning

  • We abide by a Code of Ethics to ensure our advice is in your best interests at all times

  • We guide and recommend what is best for you, using our deep understanding of your personal circumstances, your needs and our experience

  • If we need to recommend a product solution, we are able to offer a variety of options from a large number of financial providers

  • We understand the complete financial planning process

  • We undertake continuing education to keep us at the cutting edge of financial planning strategies and thinking


Keeping it Simple Approach


  • We make the financial planning process easier by explaining it in terms you understand

  • We educate our clients and do not do anything without confirming their understanding first

  • We assist our clients with the relevant paperwork and completion of forms

  • We are available for our clients to contact us for any questions

  • We provide priority support in the event of any insurance claim to ensure you do not have to worry in your time of need and that any benefits applicable are paid timely and accurately


Pro-Active Attitude


  • We keep you informed of opportunities and threats to your financial well being

  • We proactively manage your financial affairs

  • We provide our clients with access to our information, feedback, and a regular review and update service

  • We keep our clients up-to-date by ensuring they are aware of new legislation, products or ways of tailoring their plans to better meet their needs as they arise / relevant to them

  • We keep our clients regularly informed of any legislative or industry changes (e.g. tax, government regulations) and provide advice on the best solution where relevant to them

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