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Our Clients

Our Greatest Asset


At Trinity Private Wealth, our clients are our most valued and important asset. We provide personalised financial planning advice to a wide variety of clients.


Over the years, we have found that the types of clients who benefit the most from our services are generally:


- those who value advice and wish to delegate their financial planning affairs to a trusted financial adviser;


- successful busy professionals (such as those working in the medical and legal industry or employed in the mining / oil & gas /fly-in fly-out industries);


- those entering into their retirement years


Our clients tend to be:


  • Goals oriented - They are passionate about achieving their goals and understand their goals require money and proper planning

  • Delegators - They want to delegate their financial planning to a trusted financial adviser so they can free their time and energy to pursue a higher quality of life and do the things that they enjoy

  • Values centred - They have values that guide their lives and they want to make smart choices about their money based upon what is important to them

  • Focused on important issues - They have complexity in their lives but they are people who like simplicity and understand that there are things in life more important than money

  • Systematic, action oriented and structured - They implement strategies in order to achieve important goals in life

  • 'No surprises' investors - They are not a speculator or short-term trader and take action based on disciplined, tried and tested financial planning principles instead of reacting to financial propaganda from the media, the latest fads, conflicting opinions and events outside of their control


Our service offering to clients has been specifically developed following feedback from many of them which indicates that they want:


   1. A mentor / coach to partner with them and help them with their decision making

   2. To be financially well organised and remain like that for good

   3. To achieve the things that are important to them along the way


We feel the accomplishment of your goals is the greatest evidence that you have made smart choices about your money. It allows you to focus on the things in life that are really important to you. We believe you should be financially free to live your best life. That is our mission at Trinity Private Wealth.

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