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Protecting Your Family

Wealth Protection


At Trinity Private Wealth, we believe that protecting your wealth and cash flow is an essential part of meeting your goals for the future, ensuring your family, lifestyle and well being are properly looked after. However, this is often overlooked. Most people have car insurance and house insurance, but they may not insure their most imiportant asset, their earning capacity or ability to earn an income. 


Properly structured insurance protection may stop you from becoming poor in an unfortunate event by giving you financial security and options. Consider the financial impact and consequences of not being able to work for six months or a year (or more) as a result of accident, illness or injury, or worse - the death or disablement of the family's main breadwinner or homemaker.


We will work with you to help you maintain a level of protection that you and your family are comfortable with. Our personal wealth protection services consider short term, long term and permanent loss of income and lifestyle through:


  • Life insurance

  • Total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance

  • Income protection

  • Trauma (Critical Illness) insurance

  • Child protection


Our business protection strategies include:


  • Buy/sell agreements (for business partners)

  • Business succession planning (for business owners)

  • Business expense insurance

  • Key person insurance

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