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Our Most Valued Asset
What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Long Term Client Relationships

These clients have agreed to share their story. Everyone's situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours. Consider your circumstances before deciding what's right for you.



"We would not hesitate in recommending Nektar and his team to other families who wish to make smart decisions with their money. He has helped us get on track towards building a great future for our family and has provided us with piece of mind that our retirement plans are on the right course."


S. Gildea and T. Ainsworth (Oil and Gas Industry Professional)



"We always enjoy our time spent at your office Nektar. Not something I say often when it comes to financial, insurance and taxation type stuff!"


D. Kennedy (Senior Electrical Engineer)



"After trusting another organisation which did not have my best interests, I thought it would be difficult to plan my future with confidence. Nektar makes sure I understand exactly what is going on with my finances and he keeps me regularly informed with updates on how my investments are going."


R.Pavlinovich (Underground Mining Professional)



"Nektar, we wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing advice and direction in our financial affairs. Our regular meetings and discussions provide us with confidence and ensure we remain on track at all times regardless of what is happening in the world."


Dr K and N So (Gastroenterologist)



"Nektar and his team ensure my retirement nest egg and lifestyle are protected and maximised using strategies that I understand and am comfortable with."


L. Reymond (Senior Mining Executive)



"Nektar and his team provide us with confidence and clarity that we are on track to achieve our retirement plans and are working towards a secure future. We would also like to thank him for insisting Claire lodge an insurance claim on an old policy we had for a serious illness she suffered 3 years ago which we thought was too late to do anything about. We were in shock when we found out we would be receiving a six figure payout which has assisted greatly not only from a financial but an emotional point of view."


S and C Gudgin (Senior Transport Executive)



"I see Nektar as a financial confidante when I need to make financial decisions for my family. Although I understand financial matters, being extremely busy with my patients and my family, I can’t always dedicate appropriate time to fully research and understand the options available. Nektar takes that off the table for me and narrows down the one or two best options to make my decision making very easy."


Dr J. Teoh (Cardiologist)



"Trinity Private Wealth provide direction in my financial affairs and have been instrumental in ensuring my family and I are financially protected and have a robust investment and retirement strategy in place."


Dr S J. Lee (Paediatrician)

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